Bring Back the Magic

Jimmy Buffett sings a song titled, "Bring Back the Magic" and "don't make life so tragic."  
There's so much bad stuff going on in this world that I can't change. So my job is to try to bring some joy to people through my shows and my music. I promise I will try to do my very best to do just that! I'm in total gratitude to be here in this place.
From this day forward family, frieinds, music and God are the deal... the rest will somehow have to take care of itself ...


October 23rd CoastRiders at the Galley 5-9pm
October 25th Special Event at the Galley 6-8:30pm
October 26th the Galley at the Marina Seiler & Allen with special guest Jerry Gontang
October 28th Rockin Baja Old Town San Diego 5-9pm

November 2nd The Galley at the Marina
November 3rd Private Event San Diego
November 6th Galley with the CoastRiders
November 9th the Galley at the Marina

November 11th Rockin Baja Old Town San Diego 5-9pm
November 12th Private Event CoastRiders
November 16th the Galley at the Marina
November 19th Brawley, CA Wounded Warrior Event
November 20th Galley with the CoastRiders
November 23rd the Galley at the Marina
November 25th Pala Casino 11:30am-3:30pm
November 25th Rockin Baja Solo 5-9pm
November 26th Pala Casino 11:30am-3:30pm
November 30th Galley with Seiler & Allen special guest JG

December 4th CoastRiders Galley at the Marina
December 7th The Galley at the Marina
December 9th Rockin Baja Old Town San Diego
December 10th LAPHC private event Burbank, CA
December 14th Galley at the Marina 
December 18th CoastRiders Galley at the Marina
December 21st Galley at the Marina 
December 23rd Rockin Baja Old Town San Diego
December 28th Galley at the Marina


Performing the Soundtrack of Our Lives

... I was 11 or 12 years old listening to the Beach Boys, surfing those endless summer days at La Jolla Shores and Pacific Beach... blink a few times and I found myself living in the ranch lands and foothills of Southern California with my wonderful wife. I've sailed Mexico and Tahiti. I've performed with so many gifted artists. I've opened concerts for rock stars and I've surfed in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. I've been blessed with wonderful fans and so many incredible performance venues. Some might say I've been "living on dreams"! I believe this all has been a God-Thing. My sincere thanks to all who have been part of this journey... and somehow the music delivers the energy that makes the magic.