Performing the Soundtrack of Our Lives

... I was 12 years old listening to the Beach Boys surfing those endless summer days at La Jolla Shores and Pacific Beach... blink a few times and I found myself living in the ranch lands and foothills of Southern California with my wonderful wife. I've sailed Tahiti, performed with so  many other gifted artists, I've opened concerts for rock stars and I've surfed In Mexico, Tahiti & Hawaii. I've been blessed with wonderful fans and venues to perform in. Talk about living on dreams! I believe this all has been a God-Thing. My sincere thanks to all who have been cast as a part of my journey... and somehow the music delivers the magic.

As the days of summer dwindle down to a precious few we turn the calendar to a new page. Hard to accept that it's already September... 
Hope things are going well in your world. It's been a rough summer with family health issues but we're all still here, and we're truly thankful for those gifts. 
In mid November I will be taking some time off to heal this worn out body and soul. Doc says it's gonna take 4-6 months. Until then I have several shows coming up. (See the calendar below)
It's been an incredible ride once again this year. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been there at the shows and have remained good friends. A man couldn't ask for anything better. Wishing you all the very best through summer and beyond.

Upcoming Performances

             ----Solo Performances
Sept 2 - The Galley at the Marina 5-8:30pm
Sept 9 - The Galley at the Marina 5-8:30pm
Sept 16 - The Galley at the Marina 5-8:30pm
Sept 18 - Rockin Baja 5:30-9:30pm
Sept 23 - Rockin Baja 5:30-8:30pm

              -----Band Performances
The Vintage Pickup's
Sept 5 - The Galley at the Marina 6-10pm
Sept 6 - Rockin Baja Labor Day Weekend show 1-5pm
Sept 26 - SDPHC event Campland on the Bay 3pm
Sept 30 - Qualcomm Stadium Swap Meet 5:30-9:30
The CoastRiders 
Sept 11 - Rockin Baja Old Town 5-9pm
Sept 20 - The Galley at the Marina 5-9pm

Performance Calendar