Summ Summ Summertime      

My favorite time of year without question. When I was growing up in So Cal it was this time of year that we were always playing on the beach: surfing, swimming, body surfing and listening to the Beach Boys on our AM transistor radios. It was a priceless time in my life. In my heart I’m still there catching a wave and singing along with the music of summer.

Things are rolling along nicely here in musicville. The trio is having a ball and has opened doors in new venues this year as we had planned. We’re returning to the coastal north county of San Diego where the CoastRiders’ Band started nearly ten years ago. It’s been an amazing year so far and with a little love and luck we can keep the ride moving onward and upward.

Regardless of which arrangement I’m playing with, be it solo, duo, trio, or with the band, I’m sincerely blessed by it all. I never knew life was going to be this good.

We love you all...


I did an interview with a San Diego online magazine last month. Thought you might enjoy my story. There are a few typo’s including what should have said, “if you love what you do, it’s never work”. Hope you enjoy my story.

The two young guitar players on stage here are Me & Jimmy Buffett - 
San Diego Convention Centern
 Nov 6, 1992


The two young guitar players on stage here are Me & Jimmy Buffett - San Diego Convention Centern Nov 6, 1992


Upcoming Performances

June 20 Galley at the Marina ...Solo 5-9pm

June 23 Private Event ... The Gary Seiler Band 

June 24 La Cañada Flintridge Park concert ... The Gary Seiler Band 6-8pm

June 30 Private Event ... With Dr Rob on harp

July 4 Galley at the Marina Solo 5pm

July 7 Gordon Biersch Seiler, GDog & Mac (Mac’s farewell party)  7-10pm

July 11 Galley at the Marina Solo 5pm

July 12 Hacienda Casa Blanca Seiler & GDog 5:30-8:30pm

July 14 Rockin Baja Old Town Seiler & GDog

July 18 Galley at the Marina Solo 5pm

July 21 Canyon Lakes Concert On the Lake CoastRiders last show 



Special Events

June 24 La Cañada Flintridge with the Gary Seiler Band 

July 21 - Canyon Lakes Concert On the Lake with The Gary Seiler Band 

Sept 29 - Mission Bay Kovalik Summer-Ender


Want to Say Thank You Jimmy Buffett

Little did I know when I heard Margaritaville on a jukebox in 1977 that it would have had any influence in my career choice. I learned that song, along with Changes in Latitudes, and started singing in bars with my friend Tim Knorr. I joined my first band in 1983, a 50’s & 60’s tribute band but I kept bringing Buffett’s songs into the rehearsals and they soon fired me for insubordination. I started my first band in 1985 and have been a band leader in several bands ever since. After 20 some years of working two jobs I left my corporate job in 2005. Since that day it’s been all about music and entertaining. My theory of this modern era is simple... too many things divide us in this country. I believe music is the one thing that unites us. Let’s all try to enjoy and live in harmony.



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